Electro-Voice HM7

Headworn condenser cardioid mic with TA4F wired for R100, RE-2, RE-1 and any Telex Wireless

The Electro-Voice HM7 is a super-cardioid headworn microphone wired with a Switchcraft TA4-female connector for use with Electro-Voice and Telex wireless beltpack transmitters. The HM7 is primarily designed for stage performance application, allowing hands free microphone placement and excellent rejection of audio from stage monitors and adjacent instruments. The frequency response is optimized for reproducing vocals and eliminating low-frequency noise. The adjustable gooseneck enables easy microphone positioning and stable placement. It’s miniature, low profile design is ideal for use on stage or in front of cameras.

TA4-Female Connector

The TA4-female connection enables direct connection to Electro-Voice and Telex beltpack transmitter.

Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern

The super-cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes off axis audio and noise from stage monitors and adjacent instruments.

Miniature Profile

The miniature, low-profile design is ideal for use on stage and on camera.

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