Electro-Voice R300-RX-C

Receiver only in case

The Electro Voice R300-RX-C is designed equipped with a range of world-tour-proven technologies, it is capable of bringing the state-of-the-art EV wireless microphone engineering into a perfect device with a good price for more professional wireless performance that can achieve for less. This Electro Voice R300-RX-C is the perfect choice for a wide range of wireless applications, from professional presentations to live vocals and instruments, because of its combination of value, professional features, and road-ready ruggedness. The Electro Voice R300-RX-C receiver system is designed with a sleek, low-profile design and durable construction making it capable of use equally at home on a table top or in a 19-inch equipment rack. It is also designed with a simple controls and easy-to-read display for providing the ultimate in user-friendly operation. Rack-mount kits and front-mount antenna cables are available for professional installation. For applications with up to four receivers in one rack, the APD4+ antenna splitter can provide antenna and power feeds.

The Electro-Voice’s industry-leading ClearScan system, is known proven at the highest level of touring and trusted in thousands of installations around the world, it scans through the R300’s 32 preset channels and selects the clearest channel, all of this can be done with just a touch of a single button. In this challenging RF world that’s everyday increasing, the ClearScan is designed to give the users that confidence to go wireless with no worry, that ensures the noise-free operation and the longest operating range. Matching the R300’s transmitter and receiver frequencies is also as simple as the touch of a button. EZsync uses infrared technology to set the transmitter to the correct frequency, confirming operation in one automatic step. Error-free wireless setup has never been easier.


  • ClearScan finds the clearest channel available with the touch of one (1) button.
  • EZsync infrared channel transfer from the receiver to the transmitter for easy and error-free setup.
  • 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of eight (8) channels for simultaneous use.
  • 14 hour battery life from two (2) AA alkaline batteries.
  • Detachable half-wave receiver TNC antennas enable use with APD4+ antenna distribution system.

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