Electro-Voice RE3-BPGC-6M

Bodypack instrument set 653-663 MHz

  • For Guitar, Bass & Keytar Players
  • Rack-Mountable Diversity Receiver
  • Compact Bodypack Transmitter
  • 1/4″ to TA4F Instrument Cable
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Attenuation
  • Control Transmitter via Receiver
  • 8-Hour Operating Time via AA Batteries
  • Informative Backlit LCD Screens
  • Transmitter Battery Status on Receiver
  • Selectable 10 or 20 mW RF Output Power

Achieve solid performance and dependability with the Electro-Voice RE3-BPGC (Band 6M: 653 to 663 MHz) UHF bodypack instrument wireless system. Comprised of a rack-mountable diversity receiver, a compact bodypack transmitter, and a 1/4″ to TA4F instrument cable, this wireless set is well suited for guitarists, bassists, and keytar players in clubs, concert venues, and houses of worship. Thanks to simple operation and the ability to control the transmitter from the receiver, the RE3-BPGC minimizes setup time and maximizes workflow efficiency.

Two included AA batteries provide up to eight hours of operating time for the transmitter, which offers adjustable sensitivity, attenuation, and RF output power to optimize your gain structure and avoid clipping. Backlit LCD screens display crucial information such as transmitter battery status, frequency, KeyLock mode, and mute status. Easily sync, scan, and control this wireless system via its dedicated buttons and straightforward menu navigation.

Electro-Voice RE3-RX6M Diversity Wireless Receiver (653 to 663 MHz)

The RE3-RX6M Diversity Wireless Receiver from Electro-Voice is a UHF wireless diversity receiver featuring clear frequency scanning, wireless synchronization to transmitter, balanced XLR outputs, and unbalanced 1/4″ TRS outputs. It can be used when paired with any RE3 HHT handheld capsule or bodypack transmitter and microphone (sold separately) to deliver rock-solid system performance for presentation or interview audio applications.

The RE3-RX is rack-mountable, and the 1/2 space diversity receiver is designed to function as the control center for your wireless setup. Using clear frequency scan and sync functions, the receiver offers control settings that synchronize to a mated transmitter. Diversity reception technology minimizes the chance of signal dropouts and provides two different antenna locations. The antennas switch moment by moment based on signal strength and stability, which insures solid performance.

Additionally, the easy-to-read LCD display provides vivid viewing of all menus and operating parameters.

Electro-Voice RE3-BPT-6M Bodypack Transmitter (653 to 663 MHz)

The RE3-BPT-6M Bodypack Transmitter from Electro-Voice is a small, lightweight, easily worn and concealed, robust UHF bodypack transmitter. It can be used when paired with a lavalier microphone and a receiver (sold separately) to capture audio for a wide variety of professional presentation and performance applications.

The bodypack transmitter’s all-metal body is durable and operates on two AA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH cells. Built with a 10 MHz tuning bandwidth, it offers generous frequency tuning options within the North American Duplex Gap. The selectable 10 or 20mW output power assists in overcoming the challenges of both long, or short transmission ranges.

Furthermore, the ultrasonic sync function makes for a simple system setup by syncing the transmitter to the receiver’s frequency tuning and other functional data. Also, recharging contacts offer use with an optional BC2 charging station (sold separately) allowing NiMH rechargeable cells to be charged without removal from the bodypack.

Electro-Voice RE3-ACC-GC3 Instrument Cable 1/4″ to TA4F (32.7″)

The 32.7″ RE3-ACC-GC3 Instrument Cable 1/4″ to TA4F from Electro-Voice is designed for connecting instruments or line-level signal sources with 1/4″ output jacks to the RE5-BPT bodypack transmitter (sold separately). It can be used to connect stringed instruments with passive or active pickups to the transmitter for wireless use.

The cable is robust with an easy-to-grip 1/4″ plug on one end, and an industry-standard 4-pin TA4F mini-XLR plug on the other.

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