Electro-Voice RE92HW

Premium hanging choir cardioid condenser microphone with in-line preamp, XLR-type connector, 25ft cable. White.

he Electro Voice RE92H is a professional quality miniature overhead microphone designed for sound reinforcement in houses of worship, theaters, school auditoriums, conference centers, board rooms and anywhere an overhead microphone is needed. The RE92 features a cardioid polar pattern that effectively minimizes noise and off-axis audio that can ultimately cause feedback.

The miniature profile of the RE92 is ideal for applications where the microphone should be heard but not seen. The RE92H is supplied with 25 feet of cable and an in-line module that serves as the capsule’s power supply and preamplifier. A wire hanger (included) supports the capsule and enables easy positioning while suspended. The RE92H is more than well suited for capturing choirs, worship ceremonies, lectures, actors and much more.

  • The miniature design of the RE92H is ideal in applications where the microphone should be hidden from view.
  • The cardioid pattern minimizes off-axis ambiance and feedback while capturing at long ranges.
  • A 12dB / Octave switchable high pass filter eliminates low frequency rumble and noise.
  • The separate in-line output stage will drive long cable runs without loss in gain or signal-to-noise ratio.

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